We are a global brand with a distribution chain that spans over 23 countries!

The vision that drove us to this point was to create cool motorcycles that people could afford! Our fan/rider base spans parts of Asia, the United States, and European Nations as well!

The riders of CCW comes from a diverse background meaning irrespective of their ethnicity, age, gender, they share the common passion for motorcycles and the freedom that comes with it – the essence of American two-wheeler heritage!

Our motorcycles appeal to those who are thrill-seekers by nature and have a natural knack for all things that CCW stands for – authenticity, independence, affordability, ease of customization! If you are passionate about the open roads, if you want a machine that truly understands you, CCW is here to sweep you off your feet!


We, CCW works with the networks of independent distributors worldwide to set up a strong dealer and supporting networks for our motorcycles. Please choose the country to contact the nearest distributor if your country is not listed then contact the nearest distributor for support or contact CCW directly by clicking here:


Cleveland Motorcycles licensed motorcycle dealer services to all Cleveland CycleWerks product, Cleveland Speed Shop accessories, and quite a bit of information on CCW. There is a custom motorcycle showroom located near our factory at 1265 W65th St. Cleveland, Ohio.


Are you passionate about motorcycle? If you are, why not become our dealers ? Join us as we drive your passion for motorcycle into your professional success.

Already have an existing motorcycle business ? Then a CCW franchise is a great addition. With a proven model and learnings from the hundreds of dealerships ,we have set up your business across the US and Canada and 23 other countries from Australia to Switzerland and Slovakia to South Africa.

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