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Why bike servicing on time is important? | Cleveland Cyclewerks


Your bike is a machine; a machine that you love and take care of on a regular basis. For the smooth running, life span and wellbeing of your ride, consistent bike servicing is ought to be conducted to guarantee that it is running effectively. When it comes to bike servicing, most riders think that lubing the chain and an occasional wash is enough. However, servicing and maintaining each bolt and screw is extremely necessary.

Here are a few reasons why your bike servicing is important

Expert’s opinion from time to time

A machine can go from good to worst at any time so, a time-to-time check from an expert is always necessary. A mechanic is no magician who can fix your bike from the dead but he surely can prevent it from dying. The engine of a bike is a complex combination of cylinders and valves built around a crankshaft with exhaust pipes, which requires a regular touch of an experienced professional. Hence, it is necessary for bike servicing with the best mechanic.

To replace the old and overused parts

Machinery items like nots, bolts, chain parts, valve, etc corrode and degrade as time passes. Hence, timely change is necessary. In addition, for a country like ours where dust and dirt are at its optimum level, it is a compulsion to change the air and oil/water filter from time to time. Bike servicing ensures that all the parts are checked and the degraded parts are replaced. This helps your bike perform better.  

A well-serviced engine goes a long way:

If you do not misuse them and take care of it, many modern 4-stroke engines will outlive you. Can you live as chill as you are right now if your heart stops working? I probably do not think that you are an alien and say no. Likewise, an engine is the heart of your bike and taking good care of it is very necessary. Not everyone is a good mechanical engineer so in order to check the engine and maintain it, regular bike servicing is essential.

To get the best from what your bike has to offer:

Your bike is like your lover, a little care, a little spending of money and lots of love gives you a long-lasting relationship, the only difference with your bike is you can actually dream of a long-term future and not get disappointed.  Hence, to build that healthy relationship and get the best from your bike, regular and timely bike servicing is very important.

Most importantly, you make your ride safe:

Regular bike servicing ensures that your bike is in top-notch condition and this helps your ride to be as safe as it possibly can. Spending a little cash and taking your bike to the nearest service centre can actually save yourself from a sudden breakage, and help you ride safely.

Buying a bike is the first step but not the end. Buying a bike is a huge decision which comes with many responsibilities. Regular bike servicing is one of the main requirement for a healthy bike and trust me a healthy bike is a happy you. We at Cleveland Cyclewerks give the best bike servicing at the best time to increase your bike’s performance. Trust us for your next bike servicing and good overtime care and support.


Aaju Motors is an independent distributor of Cleveland Cyclewerks, American brand bikes in Nepal. Currently, we launched four new variations of Cleveland Cyclewerks motorcycles: Ace Deluxe, Ace Scrambler, FXR 125 and MisFit in Nepali market. Cleveland Cyclewerks is a reputed motorcycle manufacturer company based in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.

Aaju Motors offers custom design classic and scrambler bikes in Nepal. The modern Cleveland Cyclewerk bike is built with a classic look and modern technology, modern brakes, suspension, fuel efficient and electrical system. They simply stand out from others due to its lighter weight and unique style.

If you’re passionate about classic bikes, don’t miss the thrill of riding Cleveland Cyclewerks motorbikes. Feel free to Contact us- 014443319 and test ride our bikes. Our showroom is located in Panipokhari, Kathmandu.

For more information, contact us.


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