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Classic bike in Nepal

4 Reasons to have a Classic bike in Nepal | Cleveland Cyclewerks Nepal

Sturdy and good looking, the classic bike is a modified bike developed by English motorcycle enthusiast in the 1960’s for quick short distance rides. The classic bikes are noted for their stylish look featuring low mounted handlebars for responsive handling, prominent seat, elongated fuel tank and engine tuned for power. Along with time, the popularity and the market appeal rises among the motorcyclist for its racing look and visual minimalism. A typical example of classic bikes in Nepal are Cleveland Cyclewerks (CCW) Ace Deluxe, Ace Scrambler, and other hybrid cafe racers include Cleveland Cyclewerks Misfit.


Among the motorcycle enthusiast, riding a classic bike is more than riding just some other bikes; it represents style, status, and rebel lifestyle. Classic bikes are known for the expression of free spirit and adventure that create a revolution in the motorcycle world. If you are planning to purchase your own classic bike in Nepal, you should look into Cleveland Cyclewerks classic motorcycles. Today, we will give you several reasons why you should look for classic bikes in Nepal:

Affordable price

One of the main reasons why a classic bike is popular among motorcyclist is due to affordable price in purchasing, repairing and maintaining over time. Cleveland Cyclewerk offers the stylish classic bike in Nepal for a more affordable price than current leading competitors in the market.

Modern-day motorbikes are made up of complex parts. The cost of maintenance and equipment varies with the model and types of accessories parts. If some parts are damaged or need repairs, it can cost you a lot. However, classic bikes comprise parts and accessories that you can easily repair and maintain using a handful of tools. In addition, classic bikes are fuel efficient that save you lots of money in the long run.

Best Riding experience

Classic bikes are known for its look along with speed and the best riding experience. During the 1960’s, the youngsters usually hung out in cafes. Classic bikes were built such as Cafe racer and Scrambler to race from one cafe to another. The origin story of classic bikes represents the most influential movements in motorcycle history. Till today, Classic bikes are most popular among motorcycle enthusiasts for its riding experience and style.

What makes the best riding experience? You cannot deny the fact that any riders will tell you the fun part of riding is the ‘feel’ of the machine as you cruise through your journey. No doubt, Classic bike gets into your soul and bonds with you in every ride. The best riding experience comes with the feeling of the vibration of the machine and the smell of oil and gas. The riding will be much more fun as a classic bike is designed with modern technology to give you the best riding experience. However, modern bike lacks the feeling of the machine that comes with riding as they are made for only specific purposes.

A great Investment

Imagine having a unique, affordable classic bike that can run long distances in a short time.

Among motorcyclist, a classic bike is popular for its stylish look, speed, and custom design. Unlike other bikes, classic bikes have a unique creation and don’t depreciate much in value. Bike manufacturer company like Cleveland Cyclewerks manufactures factory built bike in limited edition because they’ve got high resale value. So buying a classic bike is a great investment as you have the best riding experience as well as high appreciative value.

Unique design

Among many other motorcycles, a classic bike simply stands out from others because of its stylish look and unique design. A classic bike is ‘one of a kind’ bike that you can custom design to express your personality. When you take your machine on a ride, you’ll definitely notice lots of people will have an eye on your bike.  Owning a classic bike would provide you with a sense of uniqueness and allows to be different from the other.


What’s cooler than owning a classic bike?  Classic bike resembles the golden era of motorcycle that never goes out of fashion. Classic bike craze is growing bigger and bigger with each new generation and simply stand out from other bikes. If you are looking for buying this “timeless machine”, We, Aaju Motors offer  Cleveland Cyclewerks classic bikes in Nepal”.


Aaju Motors is an independent distributor of Cleveland Cyclewerks, American brand bikes in Nepal. Currently, we launched four new variations of Cleveland Cyclewerks motorcycles: Ace Deluxe, Ace Scrambler, FXR 125 and MisFit in Nepali market. Cleveland Cyclewerks is a reputed motorcycle manufacturer company based out of Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.

Aaju Motors offers custom design classic and scrambler bikes in Nepal. The modern Cleveland Cyclewerk bike is built with a classic look and modern technology, modern brakes, suspension, fuel efficient and electrical system. They simply stand out from others due to its lighter weight and unique style.

If you’re passionate about classic bikes, don’t miss the thrill of riding Cleveland Cyclewerks motorbikes. Feel free to Contact us- 014443319 and test ride our bikes. Our showroom is located in Panipokhari, Kathmandu.

Contact us today for more information.


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