CCW's Ace Deluxe is designed to serve a more dual purpose or scrambler look. With aluminum wheels, inverted forks, a slightly raised front fender, wide bars, dual surface tires and a flat comfy seat. The Ace deluxe is a slight upgrade from the “standard", and what many would call a retro-mod style bike, classic, but with modern components for higher performance.


It is the limited production variants. Not available in all countries, we have limited the production volume of these variants. In some countries, the bikes are stocked through the dealerships and other countries built if you order. With over 80MPG and 70MPH+ cruising with a classical look. It is certain to influence you


Cleveland CycleWerks had produced the 1st generation Misfit from 2010 to 2015, and was success ever since then. The Misfit was the second model that Cleveland CycleWerks produced (the Heist, being the first). The original Misfit has already proved itself as a great sporty, while the 2nd generation Misfit is even a better one.It was built from the ground up and leaping towards a significant step in both design and engineering for Cleveland CycleWerks. Shortly after, the Gen II Misfit launched and have been amusing to riders ever since.


FXR is a street legal version of the FX, with DOT / EMark headlight, tail light and turn signals. We have included a digital dash with speedometer, RPM, trip meter and gear indicator. A fender extension holds the compulsory rear license plate light mount, light and reflector.

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