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Rider’s destination around Kathmandu

Are you searching for the best place near Kathmandu to stay for a day? Are you baffled as to which place is suitable to go for a ride for a weekend getaway? Well, you are in the right place!

Lately, bike rides is a trending leisure activity in Nepal. Let’s assume, your friend is coming from abroad to stay for a day or two. You need some cool places to take them around for a ride. In that case, let us give you our thoughts on the best travel destinations which are only couple of hours from the heart of the capital, Kathmandu.

Here, are the rundown for the best places.

Sukute Beach
It is located in the bank of Bhote Koshi river toward the east side of Kathmandu valley and it’s only 2 to 3 hours away from Kathmandu. When you get there, you will be delighted as you are surrounded by the beautiful hills, rivers and ofcourse exotic resorts and river side beaches. This is a perfect weekend getaway, if you enjoy outdoors activities such as camping, rafting or if you want to just relax and enjoy beer and barbecue with your buddies.

Yet another great destination for bike lovers. It is only 58 km away from Kathmandu and takes about 2 to 2.5 hours. On your way there, the curves and turns adds thrilling experience, therefore, making it one of the most exciting roads for riders in Nepal. While you are there, enjoy boating with beautiful scenery and don’t forget to devour the exquisite Snow Trout (Asala).

If you have a couple of hours to spare and you don’t mind going for a 1.5 to 2 hours ride, Suryachaur, Nuwakot is an ideal place to go for a ride. However, the road condition is not up to par, therefore it is highly recommended to avoid taking that route during monsoon season. But, during fall season, it is worth going on a ride. On your way there, when you pass by Gurjeybhanjyang, don’t forget to stop by at the broadcast tower for an exquisite panoramic view of Kathmandu. The journey doesn’t end there, once you reach Suryachaur, you will be mesmerized by the beautiful mountain ranges. It is said that it is a perfect place for spending time with your loved ones. Suryachaur is beautiful at nighttime, with stars cradling the green landscape to create images that you probably only seen in pictures however, there hotels and other accomodation are just sub par.

It is also known as B.P Highway. This destination has topped the ridders’ wish list ever since the road was renewed. With its sharp turning and smooth finish of the road, it has made the road more rideable and amusing for the riders. You are going to love the close view of the beautiful mountain ranges and streams while you ride.

Phulchowki, also known as Hill of Flowers, is the most popular destination for hiking because it’s famous for the natural beauty and bird watching. It’s about 14 km away to the south of Kathmandu. It takes about 40 minutes by bike. From there you can reach to Godavari where you can start hiking through the dense subtropical forest for four hours. The tour will get you a breathtaking view of the eastern side of Annapurna range to Gaurishanker. It will surely satisfy your heart and soul. If you’re not a hiking person then you can always take a ride up to the Phulchowki hill. There is a shrine of Phulchowki Mai, making you journey more divine. However, the best season to go to Phulchowki is when there is snowfall in winter which makes your ride more adventurous.

Kakani takes approximately 36 mins if you take a bike. It is located at 29km north-west of Kathmandu at an altitude of 1982 m above the sea level. Recently, it is famous for the amazing view over the Kathmandu valley . It also has a close view of mountain peaks including panorama view of the Ganesh Himal, Langtang ranges, Annapurna, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri etc. There are different restaurants that serve fresh cuisines of fishes as the site is also popular with fish. There is also a British Gurkhas welfare bungalow. If you are in a mood for some fresh strawberry then there is a strawberry farming by local farmers. It is sure an awesome place to include in your plan.

It is one of the common areas for the tourists. It is about 25 km away from Kathmandu.Most people go there to spend their weekend. You can also visit Nagarkot for a picnic with your family and friends. For the rider, the road is amazing and adventurous. It will take 1.5 hours approximately from the city. On top of that, the views are breathtaking while you ride by. The most appealing part about this destination is the best view you can have from the Nagarkot tower.

Chitlang is a beautiful small paradise that lies about 22 km south of Kathmandu. If you want to take a break from everyday hustle and bustle of the Kathmandu city and enjoy nature, Chitlang is the right destination for you. Chitlang offers you peaceful nature and amazing landscapes. There are numerous places in Chitlang you can visit. There are temples like Swochhanda Bhairab, Shikhardham and Krishna temple. Krishna temple takes about 1.5 hours hike to reach from Chitlang, however you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way. Besides that, you can visit Chitlang Organic Village Resort where the living style is completely organic. It is the first resort at Chitlang which started in 2010. The organic resort offers you different fun activities like bird watching, hiking, village tour and many more.

Switzerland park
Switzerland park is one of the popular tourist destination in Chandragiri. It is a picnic spot where you can spend quality time with your friends and family. There are two temples you can visit, Mai temple and Indra temple and the entry is free. You can have a great weekend here at Switzerland park and enjoy with your friends and family.

It is located at the panoramic landscape of Makwanpur district. Main attractions are fishing, hiking, trekking, and boating. You can reach there from Kathmandu within a few hours ride through Dakshinkali-Hetauda highway. You can also take the route from Naubise to reach Kulekhani. On the way you can enjoy marvelous view of Kathmandu valley after you reach the summit of Chitlang pass. Meanwhile, you should also visit Markhu which is only a few hours away from here. From Markhu, you can see the Kulekhani reservoir. And if you go further, you will reach Kalanki which is famous for fishes. After a few more minutes ride from Kalanki you will reach the dam of Kulekhani. You can explore the dam side and know about the source of water of Kathmandu valley.

Did these places help you to make plans for the weekend? Do you know more other places like this? If yes, then Comment down below.

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