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Rider’s essentials for a long ride

Traveling for a long ride is full of fun and exciting especially if you are living in the country surrounded by hilly and mountainous ranges. Nepal has the seven of the ten highest peaks in the world, including Mount Everest, the highest peak in the the world. The natural beauty is endless in Nepal and you can go for a ride and explore these amazing places. Before you go on your adventure, you need to prepare well, so that there is no mishap on your journey.
Here are some tips that to go over before you start your long rides.

Touring gears
There is a saying “Safety First”. Therefore, a proper touring gear is a must for your excursion. A proper touring gear consists of jackets, proper clothes, gloves, knee + shin guards, shoes that should be up to your knees, and a good quality helmet. Other additional equipment like Bluetooth headsets, earplugs, glares, headlamps etc might be optional but these accessories will make your journey more exciting and eventful.

Stay hydrated
You must stay cool and hydrated while going for a long ride. You need to take care of your health as it plays a big part in your travels.
You need to buy proper sport water bottle, also known as camping bottle that is made out of silicone and food grade silicon . It is not only eco-friendly but light and affordable to carry around. It’s best feature is that it can be foldable for your convenience.

Hard-sided luggage offers the best protection of your items for harsh weather condition whereas soft-sided offers more flexibility i.e. can be expandable and have multiple pockets . Either way, If you are going to buy one , make sure it is made of the hard materials like polycarbonate, aluminum, ABS and polypropylene.Such materials based luggage are best for durability, price and protection of your items for a long ride. A strong luggage for the long ride is most suitable so that it can balance the weight of both rider and luggage.

Bring some spare cash
You need to carry some spare cash for emergencies when there are no services of mobile banking and debit/credit card . But, Be sure to keep the cash safely. The simplest trick is use a small ziplock bag or small hiking wallet to put the half of your cash in it and another half inside your luggage. This way you not only save money but help you protect your money from thieves. You also need to carry some IDs for safety measures.

First Aid Kit
First aid kit is must! You should first careful plan what to kind of medicine should you take with you before going for long ride.This will save time and effort while you search for a pharmacy or hospital in case of emergencies like minor bruises or pills for headaches. But,if you have a serious problem like a disease or allergies then go for a quite check up with your doctor to make sure if it is safe to go for this ride or not.

Bike Maintenance
These days, many motorcycles needs meager or nonexistent toolkits. On the road you may not be able do much repairs, but you should be able to tighten a loose mirror and adjust your controls or suspension. CruzTOOLS makes specialized tools and toolkits for motorcyclists covering a wide range of tools, from specific brands such as Harley-Davidson and BMW to more universal kits. Under this tool, it divided into two of the rider’s favorites i.e., DMX2 and RoadTech M3.This aims to help dual-sport/off-road riders where the 4.5-pound DMX2 packs essential tools into a durable, two-sided zippered pouch with an extra storage pocket and it comes with a raincover and straps for mounting to an off-road-style front fender. Whereas, 3-pound RoadTech M3 is a compact, well-stocked tool roll for metric cruisers, sport tourers, etc.

One of the biggest travel myths about accomodation is that you need to be wealthy to travel. Well, that’s not true. You can accommodate yourself in the cheap hotels. Sometimes you can even find free places to sleep. First you need to plan and budget your accomodation before you travel. Find places that offers cheap packages but be careful of their advertisement of such packages that might trick you to buy in high price than what you meant to buy at. You can also consult your friends who knows such places.This will help you decide where to find the best ones. Remember! Your travel can be affordable if you choose to make it the way you want.

Traveling solo or with friends
It is always fun to have someone to share your traveling experiences. You can always discuss with your traveling companion for the directions and accommodations.This way , you will feel more secure to travel and there’s always someone to help you out from the worse situation.However, traveling solo is also fun. You can travel on your own terms without any restriction. You can test your personal limits by overcoming your fears of traveling alone, finding new places, new cuisine and meeting new people. Lastly, when you travel solo, you will learn more about yourself and about your life. Whether you go solo or with friends, traveling will always be fun and exciting in both ways.

What are your most important essentials you think are important for a long ride? Let us know by commenting down below. If you are going for a long ride, make sure to keep these essentials in mind and happy traveling!

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